Reasons for Going Zen with your Web Design

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The saying less is more is the mantra in the world of web design and is something all businesses should be thinking about when it comes to redesigning the forefront of their brand. Even though many companies may thrive with brand imaging using masses of colour and charm there are many key benefits to simply keeping it simple. Take a look at these reasons why you may want to turn Zen when it comes to beautifully intrinsic and effective web design.

It looks cleaner

Aesthetics play a major role when it comes to web design and can even be the difference when it comes to keeping people on your site. If the web design is too loud it can look messy and this veers people away from thinking your business is professional. The cleaner the page looks in terms of colour scheme and layout the simpler everything becomes and the more likely people are to breathe a sigh of relief when they land on your visually calming and classy site.

It downloads faster

It’s not only your visual that can benefit from a simple web design makeover but also the functionality of your site. Customers want to land on pages that can be accessed at the click of a button without having to wait an age for it to load. The more visuals, colours and information you have – the longer this will take and the more you risk trying the patience of your potential customers.

It hones in focus

Another reason you want to turn Zen when it comes to web design is the fact that it helps to hone focus in and delivers the message clearly. Rather than landing on a site and spending time trying to figure out what a business is trying to say it becomes very apparent when the message is delivered clearly and without the fuss surrounding it.

It is easier

Simple web content is actually much easier to maintain and will even reduce your chance of catching bugs and viruses on your site. Keeping junk cleared and the content concise will save you time, effort and continue to look fabulous.

Finding your Niche with Effective Web Design in Melbourne

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Going niche in the big world of business can help you to carve out your own spot in the world and can help you to hone in on a specialized set of customers. Niche businesses need to go with the flow and to bring in niche web design. Niche marketing is all about knowing exactly who your audience are and knowing how to effectively aim your business at them. Web design plays an integral role in this and really can make all the difference.

Find the Right Web Design Company

Start your niche journey with web design and learn how to isolate and understand your customer. If you are building a niche business then it helps to select a web design company who has experience in your field and can help you to craft the perfect site that speaks volumes. For example if you are a wedding photographer you may want to turn to a web design company who has prior experience in building wedding sites.

Going Direct

Another benefit that can come with choosing your niche in the world of web design Melbourne – GMG Web is that it can help you to reach people who will be using more concise searches as opposed to generalizing when it comes to google. It seems that 70% of queries lie in the “long tail” of the search which can help when you incorporate niche web design, for more information check out

Building Trust, Belief and Business

Niche businesses can exceed their expectations especially when they select effective web design Melbourne that works within their sphere. Finding someone who understands how to communicate with your audience builds trust, belief and business.


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Mastering the Art of Web Design

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Mastering web design in the modern world is more than a current trend; it’s the only way to make your business possible. Web design is about more than making your web page ascetically pleasing, although that plays a major role, it’s about creating a space that effectively communicates who you are and what you do and turns casual visitors into potential customers.

Functionality and Feel

Blending the beauty of functionality and feel are the pillars of effective web design and the best place to get started. Unless you are savvy when it comes to creative technology it is well worth taking the stride and hiring a web design company who will make your page go further t every step of the way. The important thing to remember is that effective web design is no quick fix and can’t be thrown together with spit and scotch tape. Good web design grows organically and takes time and research to create something that lasts.

Map out the Journey

Knowing how you want your customers to navigate your site and the journey you want them to take should be your starting point. What do you want to communicate to your visitors, what information do they need and how do all the dots link up. Poor web design throws up too much information or too little, which in turn leads to confusion and ultimately loses you a sale. Start by defining the objective of each page so you can begin to map out your site in a way which flows naturally and makes perfect sense.

Brands Build Trust

Once you have a strong message combined with a sense of direction you can turn to the visual aspects. For small businesses this is exceptionally important as you need to build trust in your brand. Quality comes first even down to the wording and the photography incorporated into your web design. Remember your web design will speak volumes of your company and to this well you need the professional edge. Many companies tend to think that complex web design is the way forward but pesky PDFs, flashing visuals and lengthy loading times can lead to problems.

Pitch Perfect

Ensure that your pitch is tone perfect and aimed directly at your target market. Beautifully laid out web design with high quality content and a clear message will serve to be your number one sales rep when it comes to the world of business and should never be underestimated.